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Our Capability

From Honeycomb core to BESSBoard

HONEYCOMB structures are structures that have the geometry of hexagonal cells, to allow the minimization of the amount used material to reach minimal weight and minimal material cost. It is an array of hollow cells formed between 3 thin vertical walls, The cells are often columnar and hexagonal in shape.

HONEYCOMB COREs are already used in a variety of applications including the aerospace and automotive industries, because of their outstanding performance in providing structural support and reducing weight.

From the traditional corrugated pattern to the honeycomb core, packaging products have moved to a new era. BESSBoard has overcome the weakness of corrugated pattern packaging, while enhancing / optimizing the uses of paper in packaging. With the recyclable material, it is a green option for leading your environmental sustainability goals. Among packaging products, BESSBoard has the best pallet.

Naturally Strong
Reduce Material
Pressure Resistant

Why Choose Us?

  • Avoid damage of goods due to wood splinters while in transit

  • Taylor made to suit your transport needs

  • Free from splinter and nail to ensure worker safety while handling

  • Light weight and save transport cost

  • Disposable and reusable, making it environment friendly

  • Solid and high impact to reach high load capacity

  • Free hassle from bug issue, fumigation application, and many other regulation

  • Optional water proofing to prevent cargo exposer to moisture

  • Heavy duty pallet could stand up to 4 tonnes load

  • Honeycomb core board is your greener option to replace the non-recyclable polyfoam

Our Promise

Using BESSboard we ensure you will get a light weight packaging alternative compared against your typical card board packages. Addtionally, these materials are built to be pest free which means the boards do not require any fumigation, saving you both time and money. Since our Honeycomb core boards are accepted anywhere in the world, it means you are able to delivery your package anywhere without restriction or worries. Due to the smaller weight, we can allow you to achieve huge savings in air freight costs compared against cartoon and wooden pallets.