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WITH HONEYCOMB BOARD WE CAN DO ANYTHING Packaging Products Furniture Products Display Products Only you cannot imagine, our BESSboard can do anything! From all sorts of packaging, table set, cushioning packaging to display products, we ensure you get the best lightweight and eco-friendly alternative compared with the traditional cardboard packages. WE USE PAPER Reserve the nature to the future Our Capability high quality | rigid | light weight environmental
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About Us

Welcome to Bumblebee Eco Solutions

Bumblebee Eco Solutions Sdn Bhd (BESSB) is a subsidiary of YBS International Berhad, a company listed on Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. We supply environmental sustainable solutions for packaging & shipping, furniture & fittings and point of purchase display & exhibition. Our BESSBoard is a high quality, rigid and light weight paper panel not only good for graphic digital printing but also heavy duty applications. Our experienced and dedicated team guarantees the best in class services for our customers.

Solution Overview

What is Honeycomb Core Board ?

Filling with 2 Paper Liner

A combination of paper honeycomb core filling with 2 paper liner.

Withstand Impact and High Loads

Perfect for heavy duty uses.

Hexagonal Inner Cellular Structure

Its hexagonal inner cellular structure and superior raw material also means it can withstand impact and high loads.

Easy Shaping

It is an ideal material for display and signage.


Why use Honeycomb Core Board ?

Excellent Strength
Light Weight
Flat Packable
Easy to assemble
Polyfoam replacement

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