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For manufacturers, designers and consumers, the use of lightweight panels offers:
  • a reduction of production costs by lowering wood consumption and transportation costs;
  • a supply option in the face of the increasing scarcity of raw materials and the increasing price of traditional composite panels;
  • a reduction in breakage during transportation and handling;
  • a response to international product and design trends (use of thicker panels allows the creation of a colossal and modern design);
  • an opportunity for market diversification;
  • improved product environmental friendliness by lightening the environmental burden (reducing the pressure on timber resources, reducing energy consumption and reducing or eliminating formaldehyde emissions, etc.); and
  • a response to the growing trend in consumer mobility



"Hazard free building material alternative for paper ceilings, wall panels and partition for office and home uses."


ECO revolution at an affortable price.
Purchase a quality paper honeycomb core at an affortable price.
Being environmentally friendly with quality paper Honeycomb Core.

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" Be it chairs, tables, shelves or the whole set. Regardless of your use case. We got you covered. "